The Challenge of Working abroad

Living and working abroad is the most challenging. People often see it as the green card for a better life. But is it? Well, I’ve been abroad for three years. To tell you honestly, I don’t have any savings yet as to what others may think. I wanted a house for my parents but until now I didn’t raise the funds for it. Oh well! I’m still positive that one day I’ll get what I want. Someday. . .

That’s one truth about working abroad. Saving is difficult. I need to pay for my monthly needs like house rent, gas for my motorcycle and bills. Plus, send money to my parents. There are a lot of factors why many of us don’t have any investments yet. You’re lucky enough if you get a part-time job aside from working full time.

I came abroad when I was 23 years old. For me, it was a blessing. Aside from the money thing, it was also an eye-opener for me. I became matured. I realized how important money, family, and relationships are. I learned how to value life. Give importance to a lot of things and simply ignore the unnecessary. I’ve met genuine people along the way. I became more responsible for my actions. I learned to do things on my own. My faith in Him becomes stronger.

Being abroad is a challenge yet it is very fulfilling. You’ll push yourself a little harder until you reached your limit. You’ll just be surprised about the things you didn’t think you can actually do.



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So, to you, reading this, if you’re living abroad, you’re not alone. We’re just the same or maybe you can offer more. Let’s save those memories. Let’s do the best of what we can to survive this lifetime. Somehow, someday we’ll achieve our goals. Keep the faith!